About Xintesa

We at Xintesa aims to maintain a mutually developing relationship both with Xintesa's employees and clients at all times and simultaneously create a dynamic experience within and outside of Xintesa’s working environment.

Established since year 2000 with solid teamwork and complimented by Xintesa's diverse professional backgrounds, skills in creative art and information technology as one of Xintesa's basic and principal assets, then decided to team up and started Xintesa with the aim of positioning itself as an integrated creative visual art and information technology solutions service provider.

When a certain client requires Xintesa's service, we always keep one thing in mind. We try to make things easy. This means that we try our best to keep everything as simple as possible for Xintesa's clients. Xintesa let's the clients sit back while Xintesa worry about the details.

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Xintesa is a digital marketing agency

We are an independent digital agency that delivers strategic, innovative, commercially focused solutions across a broad range of digital media. Our experienced in-house team understand deadlines and never compromise on quality or creativity, so it's no coincidence that most of our work comes from repeat business and referrals.

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Etcetera Artechsindo, pt
Bellepoint Unit-D
Jl. Kemang Selatan VIII No.55
Jakarta 12730, Indonesia

T: +6221 7197709
F: +6221 7196934